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About us

Ontario Society for Chinese Education (OSCE) was established in 1988, an independent charitable organization.   Our Mission is to promote the Chinese culture in Canada through Chinese education.   We provide assistance for Canadian to learn the Chinese language and culture, so as to support the ethnic harmony and to encourage cultural exchange among the Canadian.   

Our Objectives:
1. To promote Chinese education and Chinese culture.
2. To provide a platform for people who is interested in Chinese education to exchange ideas and experience with each other.
3. To improve the quality of Chinese education in Canada.

Our Service:
We serve Chinese language teachers, students, parents and administer who are focusing on Chinese education.  We have over 200 active members across Ontario including Chinese schools, academic organizations, teachers and parents.   

The scope of our service is in Ontario-base, and we also work closely with all enthusiastic Chinese language teachers around the world.

Our Programs:
In the past 24 years, we developed a number of programs and organized various activities to the community, actively promoting the Chinese language and culture; some of them are as below:

  • Develop a teaching materials resource centre; provide materials and information for the members.
  • Initiate organizing of the Eastern Canada Chinese Education Symposium for eight years.
  • Organize the Chinese Teachers’ Festival, Teaching Material Competition.
  • Organize Chinese Cultural Summer Camp for the youth, and Youth Leadership and Creative Training Camp.
  • Co-organizing the Chinese Cultural and Arts Competitions for the Youth over the past 12 years. 
  • Organize various Chinese education forum and ethnic harmony meeting for the community in promoting of Chinese language and culture.

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