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Chinese Learning Series

lisa-lee-books-064-1 ( 3 books)

This set is specially designed for those who would like to master communication skills in Mandarin in the shortest time.

    • Suitable for English speaking people who learn Chinese as a second language or non-Mandarin speaking Chinese who know English.
    • can be used either in the classroom or for self-study.


1. Chinese abc  (conversation) ) (English) (for adults)  
This book emphasizes the speaking  and understanding skills (incl. 36 situations)  . Upon completion of this book, you will be able to speak 500 practical sentences , master about 620 vocabularies and more than 300 supplementary useful words for substitution drills. Based on it, you can do further study related to your job or interest easily.        

2.  Chinese Pronunciation  (English) (for all ages)      


  1. Including all the consonants, vowels, tones and basic rules of spelling. Upon completion of this book, you will be able to study any Chinese text without pronunciation trouble.
  2. Solving the “Tone problem”  by means of the “Singing Method” designed by Lisa Lee with a relaxed, easy, effective and interesting atmosphere.

3.  Prelude to Chinese Writing 寫字前奏  (English-Chinese) (for all ages)

  1. This book actually is “Writing Warm up”(.“The Writing Method of Radicals” designed by Lisa Lee) before learning to write. After“ Warm up”, students fully master writing skills with relaxation without any pressure. They will feel Chinese characters are so interesting and not too difficult to write.
  2. There are 331 radicals in this book ( including both the traditional and simplified style ) for your choice. Every radical accompanied by a sketch will help you to  recognize, memorize  and write the Chinese characters easily.


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